Best Angular 2/ 4 Training Institute in Bangalore

Overview of the Angular 2/4/5 Training Course in Bangalore

Angular Components
Data Bindings & Events
Built-In & Custom Directives
Services & Dependency Injection
Built-In & Custom Pipes
Template & Reactive Forms
Routes & Route Params
HTTP & JsonP
Observables & Reactive Programming
Root & Featured Modules


1Is it AngularJS or Angular 2 or Angular 4 training?
We provide training on the latest version of Angular, which is Angular 4 now.
2What is the difference between AngularJS and Angular 4?
Google completely re-written its most popular JavaScript Application Framework AngularJS and named it just Angular. Angular is completely different from AngularJS. Angular is written in TypeScript which is a super set of JavaScript, where as AngularJS uses very old JavaScript.
3Should I Learn AngularJS or Latest Angular?
Google recommends everyone to switch from AngularJS to Angular as there are several performance related issues with AngularJS, which is also the reason why Google completely rewritten its most popular JS framework. Also by using latest Angular, one will be able to use all modern features of JavaScript through TypeScript which is a product of Microsoft. If you want to provide support to very old applications which are based on AngularJS and couldn't migrate to latest Angular, then you can learn AngularJS.
4What are the Prerequisites to learn Angular?
One should have some basic knowledge on HTML and JavaScript. Then we will provide training on TypeScript and Angular.
Please let us know if you want to learn HTML and JavaScript also, we provide training on these technologies also.
5What is Angular training course Duration?
The duration of complete Angular Training program which also includes a project is One Month.
6Do you provide Crash Course on Angular?
Yes, we also provide fast track training on Angular
7Do you provide weekend training?
Yes, we provide training during weekends for the working professionals and to other required students.

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